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Our airconditioned spaces are ideal areas for group meetings, specialist visits, conferences and on line learning. For more information please call the office staff who can give you a brief run down of facilities as well as catering options. 



An ideal area for conferencing with added service of large screen to project from own computer or laptop from Hopetoun & District Neighbourhood House (Seats around 25)

Evenings        $60.00 + GST

1/2 Day        $60.00 + GST

Full Day        $100.00 + GST


Meeting room

Meeting room used by local groups and available for hire on book in basis. Close to the convenience of the kitchen for coffee, tea making or heating up those meals. Call if you require catering. Seating size can be varied to suit your group. 

1/2 Day           $50.00 + GST

Full Day           $70.00 + GST

Evenings         $60.00 + GST


Computer Room

A bank of computers, laptops and ipads are available for public use. Ask about hiring. Regular classes are available on request or via online through Good Things Foundation access to BeConnected. 

If you would like to deliver a class utilising these computers the cost would be as follows: 

Per Day $30.00 + GST Plus $10 Per Person

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